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Debt Collection Litigation

The Law Offices of Stephen G. Court practices in the areas of commercial and retail debt collection litigation and the enforcement of creditors’ rights. The firm is aggressive, resourceful, and persistent. Debt collection cases involve matters including:

  • Loans, guaranties, letters of credit, and other extensions of credit;
  • Debts for goods sold and delivered;
  • Attorneys’ fees and fees owed to accountants and other professionals, including consulting fees;
  • Rent arrears and unpaid lease payments;
  • Mechanics liens and other issues involving liens of various types;
  • Suits seeking recoveries based on unjust enrichment, such as claims based on quantum meruit (fair value for worked performed or goods supplied in the absence of a formal contract);
  • Replevin actions (a suit to recover possession of personal property subject to a creditor’s lien); and
  • A wide variety of contract-related litigation.

Collection of Unpaid Loans

If you are a small or large bank or finance companies you may contact this Firm to represent you in litigation to collect debts and unpaid loans.

Commercial Debt Collections

We represent clients in many different types of commercial and debt collection matters, including actions to collect debts owed under loan agreements, retail installment contracts, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, goods sold and delivered, and goods sold on open accounts, or arising out of secured transactions. We file actions seeking judgments against business owners and other third parties on personal guaranties of corporate debts.

Debts for Goods Sold and Delivered

We represent clients seeking to recover debts owed by customers have who have ordered goods, received them, but have failed to pay. This type of lawsuit is known as one seeking damages for goods sold and delivered.

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