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Judgment Enforcement & Domestication
in North Carolina, Out-of-State and Foreign Judgments

Obtaining a judgment in a lawsuit does not mean the battle is over. Obtaining payment (“satisfaction”) of a judgment can be more difficult than winning the lawsuit. The Law Offices of Stephen G. Court provides its clients with aggressive, resourceful, and persistent representation collecting and enforcing judgments.

Process of Judgment Enforcement

One of the keys to successful judgment enforcement is research. Combing public records and accessing on-line data bases are methods employed to locate judgment debtors and their assets and income. Outside investigators are retained when necessary.

Judgment Enforcement Techniques

Judgment enforcement proceedings can include the following steps:

  • Asset searches and public record research;
  • Discovery proceedings to locate assets;
  • Commencing proceedings to challenge fraudulent conveyances;
  • Subpoenas of business and bank records;
  • Filing liens and restraining financial accounts;
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